ConnectThree provides consulting services for social services, healthcare, and education agencies as well as the foundations that support them. Ideal clients are pursuing growth and the incorporation of innovative practices needed to become more impactful agencies.

ConnectThree empowers its clients to navigate their very own path of greatness by coaching leaders as they guide their organizations through periods of change, providing connections to resources and partners to help advance their mission.

ConnectThree brings proven best practices and decades of experience in the nonprofit sector to your agency. We partner with you by offering guidance, resources and hands on project implementation to help you build thriving and mutually beneficial relationships between your staff, organization, the community, future staff and partners.

We offer a variety of comprehensive services to include, but not limited to:

Program Planning and Implementation

ConnectThree is focused on designing programs that are highly integrated with the organization's mission, strategic planning goals and needs of the client.

Leadership Development and Training

Leadership development refers to any activity that enhances the quality of leadership within an individual or organization.

Collective Impact Planning and Implementation

Making a commitment to an agreed upon agenda requires strategy and a structured form of collaboration. ConnectThree helps clients create a “road map” to guide their efforts and then provides the backbone support needed to move the common agenda forward.


ConnectThree's coaching services propel leaders to greatness by providing a new perspective, pushing them past their comfort zones, and improving their ability to perform.

Relationship Management

Relationship is not only key but required for successful fundraising, collaboration development or community partner engagement in the nonprofit sector. Relationship management is the continuous level of engagement between agency, customer, partner and funder. ConnectThree specializes in developing formal relationship strategy and providing support in forming key connections and partnerships in the sector.

Excellent Support

ConnectThree is committed to providing our clients transformational services and innovation that propels growth from organizational processes to employees.

Awesome Team

Our most valued assets won't be found in bank accounts but rather in Human Capital. Our team of professionals is ConnectThree most prized resource. Game changing insights come directly from our business driven, innovatively talented staff and partners.

Faster Performance

With the singular focus to help clients achieve and sustain maximum performance, ConnectThree provides proven strategy, innovation and capability-building to quickly impact our clients business goals.