Connect Three Networks

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ConnectThree is deeply committed to improving the nonprofit sector’s ability to make an impact by investing in its leaders who will think critically, act courageously, and work collaboratively. To develop these leaders, ConnectThree leads on a path to greatness based on its methodology for leadership development and impact. Each network meets monthly and provides leaders and future leaders with an amazing network of support, a confidential place to discuss challenges, a think tank to innovatively generate solutions, and educational resources to expand knowledge. Additionally, there are workshops, retreats, and invite-only events hosted and/or developed by ConnectThree. ConnectThree facilitates five networks designed for leaders at various stages of their career in the nonprofit sector.

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The Pipeline Network, a program of 501Connect, is designed for college students who are interested merging their passion for making a difference and their profession. Participants must be junior and senior level undergraduate students or graduate level students who are seeking careers in the nonprofit sector. As members of the Pipeline network, members will work to define their purpose, draft professional development plans, build their nonprofit networks, obtain internships with leading agencies of Dallas and gain access to mentors from top social service, health care and education agencies.

The Purpose Network is designed to empower entry-level leaders in the nonprofit sector, with no prior leadership experience, to clarify their purpose, develop plans to pursue it, and obtain their first promotion. Members of this network will complete a career development plan that results in an increased desire to learn and achieve in your current role. Through the collaborative environment of the network, members will set goals and obtain the accountability and resources needed to achieve them. The network also ensures that employers benefit from the synergy of the network and maintain a creative and competitive edge as their employees learn best practices of the industry.

The Progressive Network is for emerging leaders with mid-management leadership experience and a desire to advance to the executive level. Members of this network will learn what it means to make the right connects and how to benefit from them. This network will also have opportunities for experiential learning as well as fellowships that will allow participants to gain expertise and build broader networks. As a result, employers gain well-trained, more focused professionals who will become their future executives.

The Promotion Network is designed for Executive Directors or CEOs who have been in their positions for three years or less and/or lead an agency with a budget of less than $1 million dollars. The goal of this network is to empower its leaders to fully embrace their recent promotion and prepare for future promotion. The primary objectives of this network is to equip leaders to maximize their leadership ability within their current role, increase their knowledge in all areas of nonprofit management, and help them grow their influential networks. Members of this network will also have access to better-equipped interns from the Pipeline Network who are eager for a career in the nonprofit sector.

The Prominent Network is designed for C-Level Executives, with 3 or more years of experience and a budget of $1 million or more, who desire to grow their influence and impact. The goal is to position these executives to use their expertise to become a prominent influencer, thought leader and change agent in their fields. Leaders benefit from this network by first coming to the realization that they are not alone in their challenges and struggles. From there, leaders are empowered to acknowledge their expertise and tap into their own voices. Finally, participants are equipped with the tools and resources necessary to expand the sphere of influence and become current thought- leaders in the sector.