About Us

ConnectThree is connecting people and nonprofit organizations to the right resources to be successful. Our consultants use connections, coaching and capacity building to bring all the right pieces together to equip you or your agency to develop, build relationships, lead, and serve communities with the most impactful, innovative, and best practices for the nonprofit community.

ConnectThree’s Purpose & Methodology

Success can rarely be achieved alone. That is why ConnectThree coaches, connects, and builds capacity to propel clients to greatness. The path to greatness has four primary milestones – purpose, progress, promotion, and prominence – which must be navigated strategically to be reached successfully.

ConnectThree helps its clients discover, clarify, and/or refine their purpose. After which, ConnectThree increases effectiveness through collaborations that empower clients to progress in their field. Next, ConnectThree helps its clients build capacity by assisting with program development, fund development, collaboration development and other key services needed to experience the promotion and maximize their impact. Following this methodology, clients achieve prominence enabling them to become thought- leaders and influencers leading to greatness for the community that they serve.

Our Founder

“When you are truly connected to purpose, impact, influence and change happens at the highest and most effective levels.”  – Errika Flood-Moultrie

Errika Flood Moultrie is the Founder of ConnectThree. An experienced consultant and coach with extensive knowledge in nonprofit management, program and fund development, capacity building, and leadership development, she holds a Masters in Organizational Management from Dallas Baptist University.  Having held key leadership positions in top national, local and regional agencies of the nonprofit sector, ConnectThree was founded out of her experience, proven executive skills and passion for empowering nonprofit leaders to pursue personal purpose while leading with visionary excellence.

Having held positions as National Field Director for the American Diabetes Association, Director of Community Engagement for Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and Senior Director of Marketing & Public Relations for the Dallas Black Theatre, Errika is best known as “the connection catalyst” equipped with the ability to strategically guide leaders and organizations in the development, implementation and funding for exciting and innovative new initiatives.  As National Director for the American Diabetes Association, Errika developed and implemented national programming that brought together faith-based organizations from across the nation to proactively provide education, health-screenings and preventative services that saved thousands of lives across the nation.

Errika approaches each collaborative opportunity by quickly assessing agency strengths and opportunities, connecting them to other agencies and resources that can address their weaknesses, and producing a collaboration that is far more impactful than any one partner could be alone. Her ability to make the right connections has helped leading social services agencies secure significant campaign funding by guiding them in the acquisition of new funds through individual and foundation revenue.

Over the years, her work with various agencies also motivated her to develop a new generation of leaders who think critically, act courageously, and work collaboratively in the ever changing and highly competitive nonprofit arena. Consequently, ConnectThree not only provides innovative strategies for agencies, but professional networks that produce high-performing professionals who reflect the communities that they serve.

By providing her clients with the best practices, partners, and highly impactful professionals, Errika has created ConnectThree to revolutionize the nonprofit industry.

She and her husband, Greg, are the proud parents of a beautiful daughter, Sydney and reside in the Desoto, Texas.